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  • Top Tips For Walking Your Dog This Winter

    Winter walks with your canine companion can be a magical experience, but they also come with their own set of challenges. To ensure both you and your pup enjoy the season safely, here are some top tips for walking your dog this winter.
  • RD Petz Who Are We And How Did We Start?

    Roman Drew, founder of RD PETZ Store in Cornwall, has had a lifelong passion for animals, often working in pet shops during his school days. With a household filled with various pets, it was his bond with his first French Bulldog, Dotty (who inspired the store's logo), that led to the establishment of RD PETZ in the challenging year of 2020. The store is driven by a mission to offer quality products and educate pet owners on health and wellbeing. Rooted in the warm and authentic Cornish community, RD PETZ is dedicated to celebrating and nurturing the bond between pets and their owners.
  • Our Expansion Into Natural Dog Treats!

    RD Petz Store has embraced a new direction by introducing a line of natural dog treats. This decision stems from our commitment to holistic pet care and the undeniable health benefits these treats offer.
  • M A Grigg Collaboration

    RD Petz have made its first partnership with M A Grigg in Sticker Since starting RD Petz Dog Walk Wear range we have just been hanging on to find t...
  • Kernowbullz Newlyn

    Today RD Petz have been up with Caz Brixton of Kernowbullz. Kernowbullz have been a massive supporter of us since we first started in April 2020 du...
  • Fowey Christmas Market

    Our first christmas market!  We made it out to our first christmas market and we had the best time... Being able to get out there and meet so many ...